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North Carolina Criminal Background Check

North Carolina is a southeastern state which is 10th most populous state. Large cities in North Carolina area Raleigh which is the capital but the largest city is Charlotte with a population of 751,000, and then Greensboro, Durham, Winstons-Salem, and Fayetville. Crimie in North Carolina is large enough that it is important that you run background checks on people who come in contact with your home and family.

With over 500 murders and 2000 rapes and almost 10,000 roberies and almost 100,000 burglaries in a year it is reason enough to be cautious. Background checks are readily available from the North Carolina authorities as well as online background check services. If you live in North Carolina and plan to work or contract someone to provide you services specially in your home it is best to know about their background and criminal history in case they have been involved in burglaries or more violent crimes.

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Most background checks include felonies, and major crimes as well as minor traffic violations and misdemeanors, Usually they include case numbers dates, and convictions and final judgements. It is also useful to know about bankruptcies and liens and judgments if you are going to be involved with anyone financially. Even if you have new neigbors moving in that you don't know anything about background checks usually provide you with some basic information.

If you need to run a background check in North Carolina whether this is on yourself or on someone else you can do so by searching North Carolina court records, find current past addresses through people search or searching on google or whitepages, check North Carolina prison, jail inmate records, and North Carolina department of corrections records. Also check professional licenses and other credentials for more detailed records into lawyers, doctors, contractors and other similarly licensed professionals.


How Do I obtain a North Carolina Criminal Background Check?

Here are some ways you can get a background check on yourself or someone else in North Carolina.

1. Contact the Superior Court Clerk to get a copy of the background check. If you are doing research and are present in North Carolina you can also use the computer stations to search for background informaiton in North Carolina. This research is not certified but as accurate.

2. You can also contact State Bureau of Investigation fill out the Non-Criminal Justice Form and email it back. To contact the bureau: NC State Bureau of Investigation Criminal Information and Identification Section Attn: Technical Unit Post Office Box 29500 Raleigh, NC 27626-0500 Fax: (919) 661-4890

3. You can use third party companies who provide background checks online.

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