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State of Texas

Capital Austin
Largest city Houston
Largest metro Dallas–Fort Wortd–Arlington
Area Ranked 2nd
Population Ranked 2nd
Admission to Union 1845
Abbreviations TX, Tex.
Website www.texas.gov
Based on crime rates and crime numbers reported there is a decline in crime in Texas between the years 2012 and 2013. Violent crime rate in aggregate decreased by 2%. This total change is mostly due to a 4.7% drop in rape and 4.1% drop in aggrevated assault. The murder crime rate remained unchanged at 4.4 and robbery rate increased by 3.3%. Property crimes dropped by over 3%. The highest drop was due to burglaries dropping 8.4% Larceny Theft dropped by 1.6% and Motor Vehicle related crimes dropped by 0.4%. Of total crimes commited almost 11% and 89% were property. In Texas for people aged 18 and under accounted to 11% of violent crimes, and 10% non-violent crimes. There was a total of $1,926,387,892 property stolen in Texas in 2013, 61% of this amount was for motor vehicle related thefts and 61% of these thefts were recovered. $170,527,778 were for jewelry but only 5% were discovered. In 2013 there were over 936,000 arrests made 7.5% of these were under the age of 16. Larceny theft accounted for almost 20% of all crimes. 91% of murders used firearms. Residential burglaries were 72% of all burglaries reported.

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