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New York a northeastern state is the 3rd most populous yet due to its size it is not as densley populated. Crime rate in New York is higher than other states but it has been dropping steadily since the 90's. New York has a population over 19 million, with 76,000 violent crimes a year, about 1000 murders.

Larceny theft has been going down but it is is still at around 290,000 a year and 28,000 robberies and burglaries about 64,000 compare this to burglaries in 1981 which wa about 350,000 and you will see that crime in New York though hime it is getting much better and safer. Yet it is important to keep yourself safe. It is advised to run background checks on people you have contact with and don't know well.

Free New York Background Checks

New York Background Checks are available online and thorugh authorities and are a quick and easy way to find out if someone has had any burglaries, murder or any other issues with crime. You can also try to do the research yourself for free. If you are contracting someone or asking for personal services such driving, gardening, housekeeping, nannies, babysitters, etc, you can run a background check to get to know the person better.

If you need to run a free background check in New York whether this is on yourself or on someone else you can do so by searching New York court cases, find current past addresses through people search or searching on google or whitepages, check New York prison, jail inmate records, and New York department of corrections data. Also check professional licenses and other credentials for more detailed records into lawyers, doctors, contractors and other similarly licensed professionals.

Even for dating New York city is one of the largest cities in U.S. and the world keep yourself safe and run a background check to see if the person has any criminal history or even if they are truthful about marriage and divorces and where they have lived in the past.

What Is a New York Criminal Background Check?

An New York Background Check offers a thorough search in public records and criminal records for:

  • Birth Date, Death Information if deceased
  • Contact information
  • Criminal check with details about New York convictions
  • New York prison records court cases and offenses
  • New York Civil cases, like judgments, liens and lawsuits
  • Tax lien, Bankruptcy with cases and discharge if any
  • Property ownership in New York or elsewhere
  • Professional and business licenses such as medical licens or the bar

Get a New York State Background Check

New York background check is a collection of public records including criminal and civil court records providing a profile on the person you are searching about. Keep in mind some states and counties have different rules regarding release of personal and/or public information about any individual. If you planning on doing a free background check then you might have to do the work yourself which is going to courts and agencies who usually allow you to do research on computers. This is the only way you will be able to research for free, but always start with doing searches on Google for the name, last name and other information you might already have. Google is free and sometimes you will be surprised at the information you find for free.

I would rather get an instant online background check for a fee! I understand these backgorund checks are for personal purpose and not employment.
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