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What is People Search ? How do you Run a People Search?

People Search is basically looking in public records and databases to find information regarding people you are trying to locate. In many cases you find address history, contact information such as phone numbers and some instances you can include emails or social network profiles. Some online people search providers give you options to add information modules to augment the results of people search. In many cases the basic people search includes contact information, address history going back thirty to forty years and includes age full name including maiden name for women. Maiden name is really useful if you are searching for a friend from childhood or even an adult girl friend who you know before they were married, most people searches are done by at least last name so this is useful. When you do your original search you need to enter at least a last name, but if you have more information such as first name or first initial, any city they have lived in or any state they have lived in you will in most cases narrow down your results and are more likely to find the person. In some instances and certain name you need to go more broad search or you will get no results. So as a tip if you are searching in most online search databases try different things do no give up. In many instances you are returned with a list of results which includes first name, last name, any aliases or AKA, you will get age of the person. You might get relatives or people associated with the name of the person listed. And some services include place of work and educational (higher education, colleges and universities) information. They also list cities and states a person has lived in. This is of course only shown when it is available. You might get enough information from this listing and all of this is provided to you free. However, if you require more or a detailed report most online providers do sell affordable people search reports.

Sometimes you can get people search reports that include social network profiles, this could be facebook, google plus, yahoo, youtube, linkedin, myspace and more, these reports search the world wide web for any information that can be associated with the name you are searching form and provide you a comprehensive list of information they find so to help you find the person you are looking for. Of course if your people search report does not include enough information you can always run a background check to see if you can get even more detail about the person you are searching for. Most people search providers do have variety of reports for you to choose from some even provide a membership where you can do unlimited searches these are very useful if you are investigation a person who you cannot find much information on since by doing several searches including variances of name location or even people associated with them you might be able to find the person. Of course this would be costly if you have to pay for each report but for a fixed monthly or yearly fee you can run as many reports as you want. Also if you are planning to find several people this is a very cost effective way to do so. Let's say you are trying to find old classmates or larger group of friends, etc. In this case look into memberships and save yourself a lot of money.