Free Background Checks

Continue the link below for free background checks or government sponsored and provided background checks. We have compiled public records resources where you can start your search and investigation into public record data availabe in various public entities. You can investigate through various public record channels such as federal, state, county or city organizations. Some states do provide criminal check services directly, though some do not provide reports to public but individuals themselves. At federal level you can run FBI background checks. However, keep in mind there are different rules and restrictions and this could take time for you to complete the investigation. If you would rather get an instant online background report then follow the link to the right for you only need a minimum of a last name.

Online Background Checks

There are several online services who can provide you with background check reports or people search reports with data that includes contact information, names and aliases, criminal history and a range of other information for a reasonable fee. Usually these services charge for compiling the information into a report and delivering it to you online or in a pdf format. The prices range depending on the level of information you require. If you need a lot of information then get a comprehensive report which could cost slightly more or if you need several try subscriptions. Getting an online reports are hassle-free and headache-free way to get the information you need. Simply choose the type of report you want after finishing your search and pay the fee and you will have the informaiton. Alternatively if you need to run a people search click here.

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The Truth About Background Investigation

You should consider what your reasons are for conducting an investigation. If you just want to find out more information about someone, the best place to start searching is online do use Google search or other search engines and do some searches on the name and include any extra information you have to see if you can narrow down your search. The biggest problem with this search is that these searches are very broad and sometimes you don't know if the results are for the person you're searching.

Next you can try more specialized name directories such as whitepages here usually you find information about addresses and phone numbers, sometimes other contact information such as email or social networking links.

Also a good source is social networking sites such as google plus and facebook though again the hardest part is narrowing down the information to the right person but if you do find the right person you can read about friends and post, their interests and style of communication. Also you could find some more details such as where they live or they birth dates.

Next level would be to contact government authorities and public agencies in some states a lot of data is public domain and you can search them in person or online. If you need criminal records then you need to contact the county, police or other authorities to see if criminal checks are available to public.

Though many sites claim you can investigate DMV and driving records usually you can only search and get reports on yourself or your immediate family. Certain data about any individual is private such as medical or driving or even credit. Remember when you apply for a job and they need to get a background check or credit report from you the employer needs to ask your permission. Without a signed permission they cannot investigate properly.

So basically this brings you to realization that if you really need to learn more about someone your only choice is to use an online service. Make sure to use an online service that is reputable and not too costly. All online services offer different kinds of reports such as a full background, or just people search which includes contact information, aliases, address history and sometimes relatives or neighbors. Also when it comes to criminal records you can search one state or nationwide. Obviously if the background is critical to you then you're better off getting a background with nationwide criminal check which checks every state that has information available and only from sources and dates each state makes information available. These are worth the money since they give you a much better and accurate information. Yet keep in mind you can never get a very complete background check unless you are an law enforcement agent and have good reason to run a background check.

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How do I run criminal history check on someone in my state?

Simply follow the link below for self-service free or instant online searches and report. If you would like to use an online service then select the state you would like to search in, enter the person's name and last name and you will be give one or more results that you can chose from. If you don't have the first name you can usually go with an initial or just last name when you search in online services. You will be presented with a list of names to choose from. However most government services would need complete name and last name and information. Some states would restrict you from getting a background check on anyone else.

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Can I do a Free Background Check on this Site?

We provide you links and information to goverment resources where you can run background checks or criminal background checks. This is probably the most reliable information you should get if you are concerned about the background of someone you have met or come in contact that you need to know more about. Most thorough background checks of course have contact information, and other miscelaneous information yet in most cases we run background checks to see if someone has a criminal background or not. So governement background checks usually include this information.


Criminal record is a record that documents someone's criminal history usually used by business partners, government, employers, lenders, to evaluate the trustworthiness of his/her client.

Criminal records, also known as background checks are records about an individual or organization that are available for the general public, government agencies, federal and state law enforcement agencies. Criminal records include a variety of information which varies from one state or country to another, some countries include traffic offenses, tax evasion, arrest, convictions, felonies and many more, while some countries include convictions and suspensions alone. Criminal records include: when available, offense type and date, case number, court name, outcome of the charge served or not served. A criminal record helps government agencies, employers and prospective business partners to make a right decision on their applicants. A criminal record file always includes an individual's criminal charges, offense and convictions or suspensions. It also consists of the individual fingerprints if the individual is being convicted or charged.

Criminal record is divided into two:

  1. • Criminal record check: This is the check to ascertain if an individual is charged or convicted of a crime.
  2. • Vulnerable sector (VS): This is the check to verify if an individual has been convicted ,as well as suspended of the crime because of some information that later came up.

Criminal record is essential, in the sense that when an employer wants to appoint an individual in areas of high trust and positions of authority, the criminal record will aid in making the right decision.


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Learn More about Background checks

Public Records in United States

Public records are set of data that are recorded and kept for each individual in variety of public organizations including courts, assesor's office etc. there are different jurisdictions and different governing laws to allow release of data and documents in each state or county.

U.S. Public records include:

  • criminal records
  • population census records
  • birth records
  • death records
  • property records
  • marriage records
  • divorce records
  • professional licenses

Can I run a Free Background Check?

Yes, you can run a free background check however, based on what other sites promise you will get partial information. True background checks are possible if you are willing to do the work yourself by contacting law enforcement agencies, civil courts and criminal courts and other public entities to do research through their files. In another word it is a free background check because you are doing the work yourself.

Can I do a background check on someone without their permission?

FCRA rules dictate that you need someone's permission in order to do a check specially for employment or other official reasons. However, if you just want to investigate for personal curiosity and for personal reasons then you can use online services to run people search or or criminal checks and get reports with most of the data that is available in public record databases.

Can I run a background check on myself?

Yes, in fact many states only allow you to request reports on yourself. And usually to run a check on others you would need their permission specially if the background check is for the sake considering a person for employment.

Can I search for criminal records only?

Yes you can run criminal records only. You can get criminal records either from the state or FBI for federal criminal records. Or if you try online public records services you purchase either state or nationwide criminal report.


Criminal records can be gotten from so many places, but the two some trusted means are:

1. Looking through the county court records:

This is one of the best places to get an exact criminal record of an individual or an organization. The information, gotten from the county court, always gives a precise summary of the individual and all the required records. All cases that are registered in the county entered the circuit court case management system by court staff (the clerk, the register in probate and the juvenile court clerk),in the counties where the case files are located, and is made public for investigators or who so even needs the records.

2. Searching through law enforcement agencies:

The law enforcement agencies are another great place to obtain criminal records of any individual or organization. The law enforcement agencies especially the FBI, will always document the criminal records of all individuals for proper investigation and prosecution. Those records are always made available for the public.

The law enforcement agencies are not limited to one county court records of an individual or organization, but they use a web-like form to get all the details and records of an individual from different counties and will always update their database from time to time, searching through law enforcement will give you a broader record for an individual.

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