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In order to run a free background check you need some basic information about the person you are investigating. More information you have better the chances of getting accurate information. The most common information used to search and get background checks are name, last name, city and state the person has lived in. If you have exact addresses even better. Of course more information and you get the person accurately identified, so probably the most accurate will be if you have a SSN or social security number where only one number per person is only issued. Free background checks are not exactly free. Since you are doing most of your research then you are not spending any money on getting the information it is more time consuming and keep in mind even some government agencies in some states do charge specially for providing criminal informaiton.

Free Background Check by State

Also keep in mind different jurisdictions have different rules about release of information. You also have restrictions in terms of readily availability of data. Not all states, counties and courts are computerized and sometimes it is very difficult to get to all the data you need. That is sometimes it is more popular to use online services who provide you a report based on public data researched and ready by special data providers. But if you choose to do your own research below you will find information as to how to research and get background information on anyone.

I would rather get an instant online background check for a fee! I understand these backgorund checks are for personal purpose and not employment.

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Can I run Free Background Checks on myself?

In fact the easiest free background check is on yourself. You know where you have lived and where you may have records and you can go directly to the resources and do the research to see the accuracy of your records. Furthermore, most states have strict rules about running background checks but if you plan to get records on yourself then rules allow you to do so. Of course you can always run background checks on yourself or others through online services for a free.

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Are Free background checks real or a myth?

Well nothing in life is free. If you mean to ask if background checks can be run absoltuley free then the answer is probably no. Keep in mind the only way you can run a background check or research background and criminal records on someone for free is by doing it yourself going to authorities, law enforcement and courts to do research. Most probably you will not have much fees to pay but how about your time going to all these locations, your gas bill for driving, any copying fees, etc. at the end of the day as we mentioned nothing is really free. When you think about it the online background check services are not that expensive and definitely they are hassle free. There are also services online where you get limited information for free, or in another word your preliminary search is free and you only pay to get a full report. Each service gives you different level of public record data for free. So check a few sites though most of the information you find for free is what you would need to identify the right person to get a report on.


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Can I run background checks for employment online?

Yes, however if you are running background checks for employment purposes then you need to abide by FCRA rules and need the permission of the person who you are running background check on. Furthermore you should use service providers who are FCRA approved. However, all online background checks can be run for personal purposes.