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Alabama with a population of almost 5million has a violent crime rate of about 20,000 a year. 273 murders were reported in 2010. Almost 42,000 robberies and 5,000 burglaries. Alabama had 115,000 larceny thefts in 2010. As you can see there is a good numbers of dangers that anyone in Alabama has to overcome. Though Alabama is not one of the highest crime areas in the county still it is best to keep safe by running background checks on people you come to meet in Alabama who you don't know well.

Civil rights history: Alabama has been the center stage to many civil rights events such as Rosa Parks refusing to sit in the back of the bus in Montgomery and voting rights demonstrations starting in Selma continuing to the copital to demand rights to vote. And th 16th Street Baptist Church bombing where 4 girls lost their lives. There are many museums commemorating all these events in history: Civil rights memorial center, Rosa Parks Museum, Dexter Parsonage Museum, National Voting Rights Museum, Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center and Civil Rights Institute.

Other historic places include: Russell Cave National Monument, used as a shelter by prehistoric Native Americans Fort Toulouse State Historic Site, the Pioneer Museum of Alabama, Montevallo's American Village, Fort Morgan Historic Site, Vulcan Park and Museum, Calera's Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Alabama Department of Archives & History in Montgomery where you can research government archives as well as private historic and genealogy records.

When visiting Alabama observe some of driving laws such as: maximum speed limit of 70 mph on interstate highways unless posted differently using lowbeam headlights when driving in the rain, turning right on red after making a full stop and checking if the road is clear, unless posted by a sign. Keep in mind all car accidents are investigated by law enforcement, safety belts are required and children under 6 must occupy safety restraints after 5 years of age children may use safety belts, texting and emailing is illegal while driving and never forget to yield to emergency vehicles by pulling as far right as you can.

As of January 2010, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Commission has required that law enforcement agencies electronically enter all Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics, including arsons, to the ACJIC state's UCR repository.

Free Alabama Background Checks

Get background checks on people who come in contact with you such as dates, neighbors and co-workers. Or if you have to get a babysitter for your kids or a gardner or contractor who will be coming to your house you should run a background check to insure you know enough about their background. Most background checks include cirminal checks including offenses, felonies, court cases with disposition, jail time, civil court records, bankruptcies, judgements and liens including tax liens, warrants and arrest records.

To run a free background check in Alabama means contacting public record agencies and law enforcement agencies and courts in Alabama in order to collect and research information regarding the background and any criminal history on the person you are researching. Following free resources should help you conduct a free background check in the state of Alabama. As an alternative you can use an online service for a fee to conduct an online background check instantly.

What is an Alabama Background Check?

An Alabama background check details a person's criminal history including any arrests, criminal cases, other civil and criminal judgments, bankruptcies, liens. A background check will also include a person's address history, marriages, divorces, property ownership and other general public information.

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Can I get a free Alabama background check from ACJIC on someone else?

By Alabama law criminal history or background checks are only provided to the owner or law enforcement.

What if I need a background check on someone else in Alabama?

If you need to run a background check on someone else for personal reasons and not employment you can try one of the online services and pay a free to get the background check. Click here to get an online background check.

Search Alabama government microfilm data records
Search records from Alabama county and municipal offices you will find records for probate office, tax assessor, or orphan's court, keep in mind some courthouses in Alabama have had fires and some records are lost

I would rather get an instant online background check for a fee! I understand these backgorund checks are for personal purpose and not employment.
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