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Montana is western state and its capital is Helena, other cities include Missoula, Billings, Bzeman, Helena, Great Falls, Kalispell. Montana is 44th most populous. As reported in 2011 Montana had over 2,600 violents crimes reported including 28 murders. This is for a population of close to a million. So though the number of crimes might be low compared to the population rate then it is still a high percentage. Crime rate in Montana includes 18,000 larceny thefts 3,390 burglaries.

Free Montana Background Checks

So if you live in Montana then it is still a good idea to run background checks speciall on the people you plan to bring into your life and family or even contractors who will come into your house. You can of course try to do free background checks by doing all the work yourself but that means going down to courthouses and public organizations to do research. Even the state charges fees for criminal background checks so this is the only way if you don't want to spend any money. But otherwise for a small fee and a lot of peace of mind you can run online background checks and get to know the people you are coming in contact with in Montana.

What Is a Montana Criminal Background Check?

A Montana Background Check offers a thorough search in public records and criminal records for:

  • Montana birth and death
  • Montana contact information
  • Criminal records with details about convictions
  • Montana civil court cases, like civil judgments
  • Montana liens and tax liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Montana property ownership
  • Montana professional and business licenses

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Montana background check is a good way to learn about someone's criminal history or just simply life facts such as places lived and marriage and divorces or professional licenses.

I would rather get an instant online background check for a fee! I understand these backgorund checks are for personal purpose and not employment.
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