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About Background Checks

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Why do I need a background check?

If you have met someone new that you don't know anything about. Do you have a new neighbor, work associate, someone you plan to do a project with, someone you plan letting your child stay with, a gardner or contractor who needs to spend time in your home. Are you going on a date with someone y ou don't much about or have met online. These and many other similar situations would require a background check.

What is included in an online background check?

Usually a background check includes a combination of public records such as personal information as well as criminal history. Some of the person information could include a persons Aliases or AKA's, date of birth or age, current contact information such as address and phone, the address history or all the locations a person as lived in the past 30 or 40 years. You might also get information about people they lived with, neighbors and associates. Also usually included is property ownership, marriages and divorces, and sometime licenses such as professional and business licenses. You can find out about a person's civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies and criminal history including arrest records, case information and detail. Some backgrounds provide you with criminal information in one state or latest state a person has lived in other background checks include nationwide criminal history.

How do I run a criminal background check online?

Background checks are easy to run. Most online background check services allow you to run a search with minimum of a last name of course these background checks are for personal use and not employment therefore you are not required to have a permission nor ssn. Of course if you have more information you are more likely to find the right person to get a background report on. Most popular fields to start a search on is first name, and last name, city and/or state. Some services also provide advanced searches where you may use or add even more information such as ZIP code, age or SSN. In most cases even if you don't have the first name try initials if you know of any state the person your inquiring about has lived or worked in then include it most services search in the address history so it is not critical that you have the current state they live in, but any state in the past 30 or 40 years would help narrow down results. This is more critical if you are searching for more common name where there are many many results available. Most service show you multiple results when there are many but if the person can be narrowed down based on the information you provided then you would probably get a single result. Each search provides you with some basic free results such as age, aliases, relatives, cities and states the person has lived in and in some instances where they have worked or work now. This information is for you to learn free but also this will help you better identify the person so in case you want more details to purchas a premium report. Most services give you results online either instantly or within an hour.

How to Get a Background Check Online?

Background check or otherwise called background investigation is the act of digging up and gathering information and records about an individual or an organization. The records could be criminal records, financial records, marriage/divorce records, bankruptcies, property records, lawsuits, relationship, transactions or commercial records.

Background investigation is a confidential way of getting the information you are researching instantly. Background checks are very essential for employers, landlords, business partners, government agencies, consumers, in the sense that it provides valuable information that leads to smarter and more informed decision, also it provides a more secure environment for all the parties involved.

Online background check is a way of investigating someone, organizations even on yourself online.

There are so many reasons why people need online background check, some of which are:

• There may be an illegal or erroneous news or record about you or the organization that is floating over the internet. such information could be a comment you made about something so many years ago, or a financial misappropriation that has been sorted out, or even a picture about you or the organization that is embarrassing, one needs an online background check to get to know and how to fix the issue.

• An Employer needs to make online background check for his employees for promotion and for applicants seeking employment. The promotion of an employee depends on his capability, potential, and background information. When an employer knows the financial records and criminal records of his employee, it will help him to know and judge who to place on some sensitive departments and positions, for example the security and financial departments of the organization.

• A Landlord might want to do an online background check on his tenant to investigate his/her records on property and financial records before renting his land to the tenant. It helps the landlord/landlady to avoid any future trouble .

• Business partners also need to do online background check to investigate their prospective partners before venturing into partnership, so as to avoid future disagreement or any criminal act in the part of the partner; to be conversant with the financial records, partnership history, criminal records and other records that business partners are always on the look out.

• Roommates and neighbors also need to do background check on each other to be sure and know more about their roommates and neighbors. This will assure the person that they are not living with criminals or if they are already living together and the person has a criminal record, how to deal with the situation.

Background check is very important that as one applies for position or promotion, he/she will have to summit to background check. Background check is not only to get criminal records or financial misappropriation, but also to investigate and compare the data provided by the applicant on the application form, example is the reference and the criminal and lawsuits. Background check is so complicated that one needs to go online to get the best resources. The online background checkers will help the investigator to dig up many pieces of information that are easily omitted or ignored by offline investigators example are the phone call records, chat records, etc. The online background checkers are also helpful because they stream on current and deep rooted information and can access those pieces of information from anonymous sites, forums and search engines without much hard work.

Online background investigators have online tools that streamline information or records about an individual or organization for specific information and dates.

How to get the best online background checker Getting the best Online background investigators, one needs to put some things in considerations, these are :

1. The size of the database; Full name, aliases, date of birth, relatives, and marital status.

2. The comprehensive nature of the report.

3. The accuracy of results.

4. The updating frequency of the database; Current and previous address history, Criminal records like offenses, felonies, tax evasions and federal offenses.

5. The age and reputation of the company.


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How much do online instant background checks cost?

Background checks usually cost between $30 to $80 depending what kind of information is required and also the service you are using for running your background check. Usually each service provide you details of the items included in a background check, so please make sure to pay attention and choose one that has everything you would like to know about a person's background.

Do I get marriage and divorce data in background checks?

Yes, if there is data for marriage and divorce it is usually included as part of a background check. Keep in mind marriage and divorce records are not as widely available through counties and not all counties have entered their system in the databases. Also marriage and divorces are name based searches and a lot of times you may get a long list of marriages and divorces for your results and it might not be for the particular person you are searching but for all those who share the same first and last name.