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Wyoming located in the mountain region of United States is the tenth most extensive yet it is 2nd least densely populated and the least populous state. The capital is Cheyenne and of course Wyoming is well known as the home of YellowStone National Park. Almost half of the land in Wyoming is owned byt he U.S. Government. Some of the major cities in Wyoming include: Casper, Laramie, Gilette, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Riverton, Green River, Douglas, Rawlins, Jackson, Cody, and Powell.

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Wyoming has a population of about 576,412 as of 2012. Though it is the least populous one should still take notice of crime rate, in 2012 there were over 1100 violent crimes, 13,000 property crimes but more important there were14 murders and over 10,000 larceny theft. All and all though crime rates are lower than many states still to be safe and have a peace of mind you can run background checks on those you come in contact with who you don't know much about, specially those you let in your home and/or family. Tutors for kids, coaches and babysitters, or gardners and contractors even new neighbors or if you are single and you're dating you can run a background check on your date just to be safe and to know more about them and their past history.

What Is a Wyoming Criminal Background Check?

A Wyoming Background Check includes search results from public records and criminal records and includes:

  • Wyoming Birth Date, Death Information if deceased
  • Wyoming Contact information
  • Wyoming Criminal records with details about convictions and prison records court casers and offenses
  • Wyoming Civil court cases, like civil judgments
  • Wyoming Tax liens
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Wyoming Property ownership
  • Wyoming Professional and business licenses

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Wyoming background check provides you with public record data collected by public agencies and other authorities that are allowed legally to be shared with others.

If you need to contact the governor or learn about the governor of Wyoming this is the site with the information.
Secretary of State
The Wyoming secretary of state office is located at State Capitol Building 200 West 24th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020. Click the link to contact or get more information about the secretary of the state of Wyoming.
State Auditor
The State Auditor serves as the chief comptroller and payroll officer. The Auditor protects public money by ensuring that it is properly accounted for in the most efficient and cost effective means at all times. Promoting transparency and financial accountability are the Auditor's top priorities.
State Treasurer
The state treasurer invests all funds of the State, except for the State Retirement funds, and including the Local Government Investment Pool and administers the Unclaimed Property Program. Superintendent of Public Instruction
Wyoming Department of Education creates opportunities for students to keep Wyoming strong.
Government Services
Provides information about all government services, child support, historic preservation community colleges, corporations highway patrol, this is a good linke to start your search.
Administration and Information
provides services to all branches of government through the divisions of Human Resources, General Services, Construction Management, Economic Analysis, Budget and the State Library.
Administrative Hearings, Office of
conducts fair and impartial contested case hearings statewide in disputes between Wyoming's residents or guests and state governmental agencies.
The Wyoming Department of Agriculture promotes enhancement of Wyoming's agriculture, natural resources and contribution to Wyoming quality of life.
Attorney General
The Attorney General's office, by law, provides legal opinions only to elected and appointed state officials and represents the state agencies in actions in courts of law. The Attorney General's office is prohibited from offering legal advice to private citizens or organizations.
The Department is responsible for the regulation of financial institutions, including auditing public agencies and local governments as well as conducting audits for the collection of federal and state mineral royalties, state mineral and excise taxes, and for coordinating auditing and other revenue matters.
Wyoming board of commissioners.
Business Council
Wyoming Business Council focuses public and private efforts in order to create more jobs and promote new economy with manufacturing and technology as core competencies while strengthening the existing business and industry groups under alternative energy, agriculture, manufacturing, high tech, transportation and logistics.
provides a variety of services, ranging from the development of enhanced drought-monitoring products to the online dissemination of water and climate data.
Community College Commission
Wyoming's Community Colleges offer affordable, accessible programs to take you farther in life. Get more informaiton Casper College, Central Wyoming College, Eastern Wyoming College, Laramie County Community College, Northern Wyoming,, Community College District, Northwest College, Western Wyoming Community College.
Community Development Authority
provides assistance from down payment assistance program, to homebuyer education and counseling, to partnerships with developers and working with non-profit community organizations, Wyoming Community Development Authority is the state's leading resource for housing finance.
manages four institutions and the adult offender programs in the Department of Probation and Parole and continued to provide support for the Board of Parole.
Developmental Disabilities, Governor's Planning Council on
assures that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in and have access to needed community services, individualized supports and other forms of assistance that promote independence, productivity, integration and inclusion in all facets of community life.
Department of Education in Wyoming
Employment, Department of Workforce Services
human and economic development for Wyoming's future.
Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for
safeguards life, health and property of the public by assuring that those who practice the professions of engineering and land surveying are licensed and attain and maintain competence in those professions.
Engineer's Office
The Wyoming State Engineer's Office is charged with the regulation and administration of the water resources in Wyoming.
Enterprise Technology Services
Information Technology (IT) is in the unique position of having to innovate while simultaneously planning obsolescence of the latest invention in order to avoid becoming an indentured servant to technology as it ages.
Environmental Quality Council
goal is to prevent, reduce and eliminate pollution; to preserve, and enhance the air, water and reclaim the land of Wyoming; to plan the development, use, reclamation, preservation and enhancement of the air, land and water resources of the state.
Equalization, Board of
the majority of the Board's time is devoted to hearing disputes between taxpayers and the Department of Revenue, and reviewing appeals from decisions of county boards of equalization that adjudicate a dispute between a taxpayer and a county assessor.
Family Services
The Department of Family Services promotes the safety, well-being and self-sufficiency of families through community partnerships. Local DFS offices are there to help qualifying families with supplemental nutrition assistance (SNAP), child support enforcement, Medicaid, child care assistance and other needed services in their communities.
Fire Marshal
The Council adopts rules and regulations to establish minimum fire standards not exceeding the standards prescribed by the International Fire Code, the International Building Code and the International Mechanical Code
Wyoming Game and Fish
Get permits and information about hunting and fishing in Wyoming.
Geological Survey
gathers key information, provide technical analyses, perform scientific investigations and generate maps using Geographic Information Systems. Our teams cover four core subject areas—Energy and Mineral Resources, Water Resources/Mapping and Hazards, Information Technology and GIS, and Communications and Public Outreach.
Board of Professional Geologists
the Wyoming Board of Professional Geologists protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public by promoting the practice of geology by professional geologists and by providing fair and balanced regulation of the geologic profession.
Wyoming Health
promotes and protects the health of all Wyoming citizens.
Homeland Security
The site for Wyoming Homeland Security
Wyoming Insurance Department, 106 E. 6th Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001, (307) 777-7401, (800) 438-5768
Lands and Investments, Office of State
Land sales, acquisitions and exchanges are authorized under Chapter 26 - Land Acquisition and Disposal of the Board of Land Commissioners Rules and Regulations.
Livestock Board
The Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB) is responsible for the protection of livestock interests in the State from disease and theft.
Military Department
The Veteran's Commission work diligently to assist Veterans with benefits.
Outfitters and Professional Guides, Board of
protects the public and maintains quality and professionalism within the hunting outfitting industry in Wyoming.
Wyoming Board of Parole
conducts executive session inmate hearings for all Wyoming felony inmates, which entails two hearings per month during most months of the year.
Public Defenders
provides effective assistance of counsel to indigent adults and juveniles accused of a crime in the circuit, district and juvenile courts, as mandated by the federal and state constitutions.
Public Service Commission
Wyoming Public Service Commission Order Notification Service The service is currently free to subscribers.
Retirement System
Through WRS, the state's public employers can offer cost-effective retirement benefits that attract and retain highly qualified professionals.
administers and collection of mineral and excise taxes as well as the valuation of property and the wholesale distribution of alcohol beverages and enforcement of liquor control laws.
School Facilities Department
the School Facilities Department (SFD) is responsible for implementing policies, guidelines, and standards adopted by the Commission, helping districts develop comprehensive, long range facility plans.
State Parks and Cultural Resources
Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources provides the state's citizens and visitors a variety of opportunities to enjoy our arts, parks and history.
Wyoming Department of Transportation, 5300 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne, WY 82009, 307-777-4375
Travel and Tourism
Wyoming Office of Tourism, 5611 High Plains Road, Cheyenne, WY 82007
University of Wyoming
Water Development Commission
promotes the optimal development of the state's human, industrial, mineral, agricultural, water and recreational resources.
Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust
The Widlife and Natural Resource Trust is an independent state agency governed by a nine-member citizen board appointed by the Governor.
Workforce Services
Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
Wyoming Supreme Court
Wyoming tate Law Library
serves the Wyoming Judiciary, members of the Wyoming State Bar Association, the Wyoming Legislature and the public.
Judicial Conduct and Ethics Commission
The Commission considers complaints of judicial misconduct made against judicial officers and may discipline a judicial officer or make a recommendation of discipline to the Wyoming Supreme Court.
Wyoming Legislature
Congressional Delegation
Wyoming Association of Municipalities
Wyoming Governments on the Net
The State and Local Government Internet directory

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