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Texas is located in south central United States and is the second most populous state also one of the largest. Houston is the largest city folowed by San Antonio, Dallas-Forthworth, El Paso and Austin the state capital. Though the largest state in contiguous United States it is the second largest in the 50 states. With a population of over 25 million Texas hs a higher crime rate. Violent crimes in 2010 exceeded 113,000 with 1249 murders. Larceny Theft during the same year was over 650,000 with 68,000 automobile thefts and 228,000 burglaries, 32,000 robberies and 72,000 aggrevated assaults.

As you can see Texas has a quite a crime rate and therefore it is recommended to do Texas background checks to help protect yourself and your family.

Free Texas Background Checks

It is easy to do online Texas background checks however if you prefer to do a free background check then you would do the work yourself by going to courts and authorities and do the research on their computer. However, both the authorities as well as online services can get you results without any effort from you but for a nominal fee.

If you require to run a background check in Texas whether this is on your own background or on someone else's background you can do so by searching Texas court records, find current past addresses through people search or searching on google or whitepages, check Texas prison, jail inmate records, and Texas department of corrections records. Also check professional licenses and other credentials for more detailed records into lawyers, doctors, contractors and other similarly licensed professionals.

What Data for Texas Criminal Background Check Can I Search?

Arrests, prosecutions and the disposition from criminal and civil court records in Texas are usually included in Background Checks

Arrests, prosecutions and the disposition from criminal and civil court records in Texas are usually included in Background Checks

You can search for the following in Texas Background Reports

  • Texas Criminal Background
  • Personal and Contact Information
  • Texas Address History
  • Texas Civil
  • Texas Criminal Records
  • Texas Sex-Offender Search
  • Texas Recovery and Identification Program
  • Texas Bankruptcies
  • Texas Liens

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Following resources in Texas can also help you with searching information on people and backgrounds

Department of Motor Vehicles - DMV
Department of Motor Vehicles in Texas issues vehicle registration and does vehicle inspection, in Texas Department of Public Safety issues drivers licenses not the DMV.
Texas Department Public Safety
Department of Public Safety in Texas is in charge of criminal records, criminal investigations and drivers liceneses.
Office of the Governer
Information about the governor and all the news related to the office of the governor. Texas office of the Comptroller
This is the source for finding out how money is spent in Texas the comptroller is acting as tax collector, chief accountant, chief revenue estimator and chief treasurer for all of state government.
Texas Unclaimed Property Search
for any property search In 2014, the state of Texas returned more than $200 million in property. Here is the address Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Unclaimed Property Claims Section, P.O. Box 12046, Austin, Texas 78711-2046
Texas Park and WildLife
Different activities in Texas include: Boating, Paddling, Caving, Geocaching, Golfing, History & Culture, Horseback Riding, Hunting, Off-Roading, Photography, Picnicking, Rock Climbing. This department also regulates: Recreational Fishing and Hunting, Texas hunting & fishing regulations, license, Boating, Endangered and Threatened Species, Permit info, permit/& application requirements
Office of Administrative Hearings The State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) is an independent agency within the executive branch of the State of Texas which conducts hearings and mediations.
Affordable Housing Corporation
The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC) is a nonprofit organization helping affordable housing developers build better housing for working families, helping homebuyers achieve the American dream of homeownership and helping homeowners sustain homeownership and improve their financial situation.
Department of Aging and Disability Services
The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) was created to administer long-term services and supports for people who are aging as well as for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.
Department of AgricultureThe Texas Legislature established the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) with key objectives to promote production agriculture, consumer protection, economic development and healthy living.
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is a educational agency with a statewide network of professional educators, with major efforts in mitigating drought impacts; conserving water use in homes, landscapes, and production agriculture; improving emergency management; enhancing food security; and protecting human health through education about diet, exercise, and disease prevention and management.
Texas AgriLife Research
A part of The Texas A&M University System, AgriLife Research has 1,700 employees, over 500 of which are doctoral-level scientists.
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) regulates all phases of the alcoholic beverage industry in Texas regulating sales, taxation, importation, manufacturing, transporting, and advertising of alcoholic beverages.
Anatomical Board
Facilitates the distribution of deceased human remains for the purpose of teaching and research.
Angelina and Neches River Authority
ANRA is in charge of quality management, water resource development, and conservation of water resources.
Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board
Together TREC and TALCB oversee real estate brokerage, real property appraisals, inspections, home warranties, and timeshare opportunities.
Board of Architectural Examiners The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners oversees the examination, registration, and professional regulation of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects.
Commission on the Arts
Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) provides resources to enhance economic development, arts education, cultural tourism and artist sustainability initiatives.
Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services DARS administers programs that help Texans with disabilities find jobs through vocational rehabilitation, ensure that Texans with disabilities live independently in their communities, and assist families in helping their children under age 3 with disabilities and delays in development to reach their full potential.
Attorney General
The attorney general of Texas office.
The SAO is authorized, by Chapter 321, Texas Government Code, to perform audits, reviews, and investigations of any entity receiving state funds, including state agencies and higher education institutions.
Department of Banking The Texas Department of Banking operates under the oversight of the Texas Finance Commission, provides the public with convenient, safe, competitive banking and other stable financial services.
State Bar of Texas
Second largest state bar association in terms of active attorney members in the United States mandates that all attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas be members of the State Bar.
School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
TSBVI is a special public school established and funded by the state of Texas to provide specialized and intense services that focus on the unique learning needs of students with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities.
Bond Review Board
The agency's mission is to ensure that debt financing is used prudently to meet Texas' infrastructure needs and other public purposes, to support and enhance the debt issuance and debt management functions of state and local entities, and to administer the state's private activity bond allocation.
Brazos River Authority
The Brazos River Authority develops and distribute water supplies, provide water and wastewater treatment, monitor water quality, and pursue water conservation through public education programs.
Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
Under the guidance of its governing body, the Oversight Committee, CPRIT accepts applications and awards grants for a wide variety of cancer-related research and for the delivery of cancer prevention programs and services by public and private entities located in Texas.
Texas State Cemetery
Efforts to establish the Texas State Cemetery began in 1851, with the death of General Edward Burleson.
Council on Competitive Government
The Council on Competitive Government exists to advance government transformation efforts in the state of Texas and to reexamine the method of delivering services in ways that improve efficiency, effectiveness and results that are relevant to citizens.
Office of Consumer Credit Commissione
Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC) has seen the depth and breadth of its regulatory oversight increase to encompass the expanding financial marketplace in Texas
County and District Retirement System
TCDRS helps more than 255,000 Texans plan for their futures.
Office of Court Administration The Office of Court Administration (OCA) is a unique state agency in the Judicial Branch and provides resources and information for the efficient administration of the Judicial Branch of Texas.
Credit Union Dept.
The Credit Union Department is a Texas state agency with responsibility for supervising and regulating state-chartered credit unions.
Court of the Criminal AppealsThe appeals of all cases in which the death penalty has been assessed come directly to the Court of Criminal Appeals from the trial courts. The appeals of all other criminal cases go to one of the fourteen Courts of Appeals in Texas, and their decisions may be reviewed by the Court of Criminal Appeals.
Department of Criminal Justice The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) manages offenders in state prisons, state jails and private correctional facilities that contract with TDCJ.
School of the Deaf Texas School for the Deaf is established as a state agency to provide a continuum of direct educational services to students, ages zero through twenty-one, who are deaf or hard of hearing and who may have multiple disabilities.
Board of Dental ExaminersThe SBDE is divided into five program functions/divisions: Executive; Administration; Licensing; Enforcement; and Legal.
Council for Developmental Disabilities Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities helps all people with disabilities to be fully included in their communities and exercise control over their own lives.
Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities TOPDD goal is educating professionals and the public and promoting and facilitating the identification, development coordination and delivery of needed prevention services.
Education Agency
TEA helps schools meet the educational needs of all students and prepare them for success in the global economy
Center for Educational Technology
The first Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology, 1988-2000 called for the creation of a center for research in educational technology, which became the Texas Center for Educational Technology (TCET).
Edwards Aquifer Authority
The Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) is a regulatory agency that preserves and protects the Edwards Aquifer groundwater resource which approximately 2 million Texans rely on as their primary water source.
Commission on State Emergency Communication (911)
The Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC) is an agency of the State of Texas and the state's authority on emergency communications.
Management, Division of Emergency TDEM implements programs to increase public awareness about threats and hazards and coordinates emergency planning.
Employees Retirement System
ERS has the following goals: supporting retirement security, sustaining competitive group benefits programs, engaging stakeholders for informed decision making, and enhancing agency performance and accountability.
Texas Engineering Experiment Station
For 100 years, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) has served the citizens of Texas through engineering and technology-oriented research and educational collaborations.
Engineering Extension Service, Texas
The major TEEX programs include fire and rescue, infrastructure and safety, law enforcement, economic and workforce development, and homeland security. As a member of The Texas A&M University System, TEEX is unique in its ability to access a broad range of emerging research and technical expertise.
Board of Professional Engineers TBPE role is to license qualified engineers, enforce the Texas Engineering Practice Act, and to regulate the practice of professional engineering in Texas.
Commission on Environmental Quality The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality strives to protect our state's public health and natural resources.
Ethics Commission
The Texas Constitution provides that the Texas Ethics Commission may recommend the salary of members of the Legislature, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, subject to approval by the voters at the subsequent general election for state and county officers.
Facilities Commission
The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) is responsible for providing a high quality work environment for state government that is functional, energy efficient, and cost effective.
Department of Family and Protective Services DFPS helps find safe and loving homes for children in their care.
Feed and Fertilizer Control Service (Chemist, Office of the State)
Protecting consumers and enhancing agribusiness through its feed and fertilizer regulatory compliance program, surveillance and monitoring of animal-human health and environmental hazards, and preparedness planning.
Public Finance Authority
Authority issues general obligation and revenue bonds for designated State agencies and maintains the Master Lease Purchase Program, a revenue commercial paper program used primarily to finance equipment acquisitions by State agencies.
Finance Commission
The Commission is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of the Texas Department of Banking (TXDOB), the Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending (SML), and the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC).
Commission on Fire Protection
The commission's authority is defined by TX Gov't Code Chapter 419 and it is to provide education and assistance to the fire service, and to enforce statewide fire service standards.
Texas Forest Service
Conserving Texas' trees and forests, the state agency helps property owners maintain land and natural resources to ensure forestlands remain productive and healthy
Funeral Service Commission
The mission of the Texas Funeral Service Commission (TFSC) is to protect the public from deceptive practices in the funeral and death care industry through a process of impartial enforcement, inspection, licensing and education in order to guarantee every citizen's final disposition is conducted professionally and ethically.
Board of Professional Geoscientists The Texas Geoscience Practice Act is the basis for all agency rules, policies and procedures.
Groundwater Protection Committee
Sets non-degradation of the state's groundwater resources as the goal for all state programs, and asserts that groundwater be kept reasonably free of contaminants that interfere with its present and potential uses.
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
GBRA provides stewardship for the water resources in its ten-county statutory district.
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority
GCA can provide the solution to your facility's wastewater, water and solid waste needs
Health and Human Services Commission
The mission of HHSC is to maintain and improve the health and human services system in Texas.
Health Professions Council
The mission of the Health Professions Council (HPC) is to coordinate regulatory efforts among the various health care licensing boards represented on the HPC.

Department of State Health Services
Prevents and prepares for health threats promotes recovery for persons with infectious disease and mental illness
Higher Education Coordinating Board
promotes access, affordability, quality, success, and cost efficiency in the state's institutions of higher education
Historical Commission
Protects and preserves the state's historic and prehistoric resources for the education, enjoyment, and economic benefit of the public.
House of Representatives
The Texas House of Representatives is composed of 150 members, each elected for a two-year term.
Department of Housing and Community Affair
The mission of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is to administer its assigned programs efficiently, transparently, and lawfully and to invest its resources strategically and develop high quality affordable housing which allows Texas communities to thrive.
Department of Information Resources Provides technology leadership, solutions, and value to Texas state government, education, and local government entities
Office of Injured Employee Counsel Identifies issues that increase burdens or create problems for injured employees and address those issues in the legislative and rulemaking processes and through the simplification of procedures and forms.
Office of Public Insurance Counsel OPIC represents the interests of Texas consumers in regulatory matters involving auto, residential property, and title insurance.
Department of InsuranceThe State of Texas is part of the U.S. insurance regulatory framework
Commission on Jail Standards The Texas Commission on Jail Standards is the regulatory agency for all county jails and privately operated municipal jails in the state and assists local governments in providing safe, secure and suitable local jail facilities through our provision of the following services.
Judicial Branch Certification Commission
Supreme Court is the highest state appellate court for civil matters, and the Court of Criminal Appeals, which makes the final determination in criminal matters. Today, there are also 14 courts of appeals that exercise intermediate appellate jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases.
Commission on Judicial Conduct Responsible for investigating allegations of judicial misconduct or judicial disability, and for disciplining judges.
Judicial Council
The Texas Judicial Council (TJC) was created in 1929
Juvenile Justice Department, Texas
On December 1, 2011, operations of both TJPC and TYC were transferred to the new TJJD and all references to TJPC and TYC were changed to the new name.
Veterans Land Board
Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) to administer benefits exclusively for Texas Veterans.
General Land Office Texas General Land Office is focused on maximizing and diversifying revenue sources for the Permanent School Fund.
Board of Professional Land Surveying Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying is to protect the residents of Texas by regulating, licensing and renewing the licenses of only competent surveyors.
Lavaca-Navidad River Authority
The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority was established to develop, conserve and protect the water resources of the Lavaca Basin.
Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education Responsible for the licensing and certifications of Texas peace officers, county jailers, telecommunicators, investigating both administrative and criminal violations of law.
Board of Law Examiners The Board's sole purpose is to qualify applicants for admission to the State Bar of Texas.
Law Library
The Texas State Law Library serves the legal research needs of the Texas Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Office of the Attorney General, other state agencies and commissions,
Legislative Budget Board
The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) is a permanent joint committee of the Texas Legislature that develops budget and policy recommendations for legislative appropriations
Legislative Council
The Texas Legislative Council is a nonpartisan legislative agency that provides bill drafting, research, and publishing,to the Texas Legislature
Legislative Reference Library
For legislative research
Texas Legislature Online was introduced on December 12, 1996.
Library and Archives Commission
Texas State Library and Archives Commission safeguards and provides information services in regards to research, education and reading.
Dept. of Licensing and Regulation
Apply and search for licenses.
Medical Board
Keeps Texas patients safe through the licensure and regulation of Texas physicians.
Municipal Retirement System
Provides retirement, disability, and death benefits for employees of participating Texas municipalities.
Association of Museums
TAM serves our museum community by nurturing and training museum leaders.
North Plains Ground Water Conservation District
The purpose of the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District issues water well permits, collects groundwater information, performs water quality analyses, provides a number of well system tests and other services.
North Texas Tollway Authority
To provide a safe and reliable toll road system.
Nueces River Authority
Preserves, protects, and develops water resources, develops parks and recreational facilities, finances water supplies, water treatment, and pollution control projects and provides flood control and irrigation.
Board of NursingTexas Board of Nursing (BON) ensures that each person holding a license as a nurse in the State of Texas is competent to practice safely.
Optometry Board
The Texas Optometry Board is a state agency authorized to carefully screen applicants for an optometry license, and to insure that optometrists are eligible to renew their license on an annual basis it also sets fees, and investigates complaints.
Board of PharmacyRegulates the practice of pharmacy with the highest standards of ethics.
Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners, The Texas Pension Review Board (PRB) is mandated to oversee all Texas public retirement systems.
Board of Plumbing Examiners Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners protects the health and safety of the people in the State of Texas by ensuring that our drinking water, air, and medical gases are not contaminated and that plumbing systems are properly designed and installed.
Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners The Texas State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners licenses Podiatric Physicians and regulates the practice of Podiatric Medicine in the State of Texas.
Preservation Board
The State Preservation Board preserves and maintains the Texas Capitol, the Capitol Extension.
Prevent Child Abuse Texas
Prevent Child Abuse Texas (PCATX) is a statewide non-profit organization working to prevent child abuse and neglect in all its forms throughout Texas.
Office of State Prosecuting Attorney
State Prosecuting Attorney is charged with representing the people of Texas before the Court of Criminal Appeals, the State's highest criminal court.
Board of Examiners of Psychologists
The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP) is the state agency authorized by state law to regulate the practice of psychology in the state of Texas.
Public Utility Commission

Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities
The Council's mission is to provide leadership and direction for programs which will enable persons with disabilities to achieve maximum personal independence through suitable employment.
Racing Commission
Racing commision enforces the Texas Racing Act and its rules to ensure a consistent and accurate revenue stream to the state, safe racing facilities, fair and honest racing activities.
Railroad Commission
The Railroad Commission of Texas was established in 1891 under a constitutional and legislative mandate to prevent discrimination in railroad charges and establish reasonable tariffs.
Real Estate Commission
TREC requires that all real estate brokers and sales agents meet and maintain specified levels of education to hold a license to act as a real estate agent.

Savings and Mortgage Lending, Dept. of
The Department has two key areas of regulatory responsibility: the chartering, regulation and supervision of the state's thrift industry; and the licensing/registration and regulation of the state's mortgage industry.
Secretary of State
The Secretary serves as Chief Election Officer for Texas, provides a repository for official and business and commercial records and regulations and commissions notaries public as well as serves as keeper of the state seal.
Securities Board
The State Securities Board is responsible for regulating the securities industry in Texas.

Skill Standards Board
The TSSB's role is to facilitate and promote the Texas skill standards system.
Supreme Court

Teacher Retirement System

Texas A&M University

Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault is committed to ending sexual violence in Texas through education, prevention, and advocacy.
Texas Military Forces
The Texas Military Forces is composed of the three branches of the military in the state of Texas. These branches are the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and the Texas State Guard.
Texas State Technical Colleges
Today, serving as the corporate college for Texas, TSTC offers new, emerging and customized curriculum at four colleges: TSTC Harlingen, TSTC Marshall, TSTC Waco, and TSTC West Texas, which has campuses in Abilene, Breckenridge, Brownwood, and Sweetwater.
Texas Travel Industry Association

Department of Transportation
TxDOT provides safe and reliable transportation solutions for Texas.
Trinity River Authority
The Trinity River Authority of Texas is a conservation and reclamation district providing water and wastewater treatment.
University of Houston
UH graduates can be found in leadership positions from Capitol Hill to community nonprofits.
University of Texas System
The University of Texas System is one of the nation's largest systems of higher education.
Veterans Commission
Acts as the state appointed advocate of Texas veterans in order to secure the benefits rightfully earned in exchange for their service in our nation's armed forces.
Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
You can conduct a license search on this site
Workforce Commission
Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) oversees and provides workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas.

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